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台灣搜救隊 - Taiwanese Rescue Teams....

伊朗強震/送愛心到伊朗 台灣搜救隊馳往救援
伊朗強震/證嚴法師指示 慈濟兵分三路前往災區救援
Taiwan dispatches earthqake relief team
Taiwan rescue team heads for Iran

Taiwan sent out its rescue team for countries with major earthquake as usual. As a result of September 21st earthquake in 1999, Taiwanese rescue team got a lot of new equipements since then. But they couldn't even bring Taiwanese national flag in front of their camp.


感想: 台灣的媒體實在是太不曉得 PerminantPermanent Link 的重要性了,不是我不找中時報系和聯合報系,他們的連結常常會亂跑。事實上我上面列出的連結我也不知道會存在多久。Static links are very important for blogging.

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