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South Park - 801

nakedEric.jpgEric Cartman thought he really has ninja's magic power, including being invisible, it turns out to be a 'Wardrobe malfunction'.
And this episode is also featuring.....

(Penis shaft) Song of South Park's Ninja!!!! (Special thanks to Takahiro's translation on Orkut..)
唄: Mr. Garrison
素晴らしチンチンもの (What a gorgeous penis)
金玉の毛ある (There are also hair on the testicles)
その音はサルボボ (Is the sound "sarubobo")
いいえ!忍者がいます (No! There are Ninjas!!)
Hey Hey Let's go!喧嘩すそ (Hey Hey Let's go we fight)
大切な物 protect my balls (Precious thing, Protect my balls)
僕か悪い so let's fighting (I'm wrong so let's fighting)
Let's fighting love
Let's fighting love
この歌ちょっとバガ (This song is just a little stupid)
wakega wakaranai (I can't understand it at all)
英語が mucha kucha (English in this song is a mess)
大丈夫!We do it all the time...
Hey Hey Let's go!喧嘩すそ

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