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らーめん山頭火/Santoka Ramen

Santoka.jpgWe had our lunch in Santoka ramen inside Mitsuwa marketplace, Costa Mesa. The ramen we had was syoyu (soy-sauce based) chashu ramen though 旭川 ramen should be extremely good at shio(salt) flavor, we were so hungry that syoyu flavor is better :D. As good shoyu ramen always does, it looks oily but tastes not so oily. The best part is the noodle. And the chashu (marinated pork) also tasted great. It made me almost want to order extra noodle. I am a little disappointed with their flavored dried bamboo shoot, well, I am from Taiwan, the country that produces the most dried bamboo shoot in the world. I heard that Santoka also provides "toro" ramen, now I am looking forward to seeing that appears in the menu.

  1. ようこそ「らーめん山頭火」へ
  2. すっかり関東エリアに根付いている旭川の代表店
  3. 日本拉麵橫丁--山頭火篇
  4. 山頭火惠比壽

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