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File Suffix Annoyance by Safari Browser

I plan to send this bug report through Safari menu → "Report Bugs to Apple..."


Safari appends '.exe' suffix to the file with certain MIME type when the original file extension does not match the MIME type.


In some cases, Safari browser will append '.exe' to the filename it has finished downloading because of certain MIME type this download was claimed to be by the webserver. For example some old web server recognize *.zip as application/x-msdownload, and safari is stupid enough to add an exe extension after the file name. The reasons why this behavior is a bug rather than a feature are:
  1. A web browser should respect the mime type and filename it's given by the web server. The behavior we described is not necessary and is useless.
  2. Macintosh does not run Windows/DOS program and safari should not care about the naming of the file that doesn't run on Macintosh in nature.


Please raise the priority in the todos list for this bug.

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