Sometimes it's all about the aesthetics.


Marklar: it's for real!

Marklar is a planet in SouthPark (Episode 311: Starvin' Marvin in Space) and also a 'rumored' team/project in Apple Computer. Now it seems that this project is not fiction anymore. It was the developer's tools though... Marklar 是在南方公園 (Episode 311: Starvin' Marvin in Space) 裡面有提到的一個星球,也是之前 Apple Computer 一直謠傳中的 intel Mac 移植計畫的假定名稱。結果現在發現謠傳的真實性頗高,只是 Marklar 並不是真正的計畫名稱,而極可能是計畫中使用的工具名呢...

掰掰國際商業機器And good-bye IBM! Screw you guys, Apple is switching to Intel. 順便貼張夾不死小時候對 IBM 商標手勢問候的圖片助興。

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