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Taiwan's Ban on Homosexsual Blood Donors

Thanks to the recent draft on the regulation of blood donors (English version), (some) people in Taiwan again are getting aware of the permanent ban (see number eight in the document) on gay blood donors. In the new draft announced (2005/9/13) by the department of health, the term "homosexual" has been changed to "had homosexual activity". A vice chief of Bureau of Medical Affairs in the department said, it's "a friendly response" to gay community. Unfortunately vice chief Tsai not only re-enforced the status quo, but also insulted gay community (hello? anybody there?). How stupid is that?


  1. 同性戀、性工作者不得捐血抗議
  2. 「男同志永不得捐血」 引發抗議
  3. To do the discrimination smartly, check the FAQ from FDA, United States, see? that's called smart ass.

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