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Tiger's bonjour, tcp wrapper, ipv6 oh mine.

After the port 22 of my iMac got flooding of connection attempts (inside a private network, but redirecting all incoming traffic to the router to this machine..), I decided to use tcpwrapper for sshd on my leopard laptop. It's easy, just add this to /etc/hosts.deny

and add this to /etc/hosts.allow
sshd :
Unfortunately I didn't know there is a catch: my tiger machine cannot connect through SSH to my leopard laptop. I wasn't sure what's going on at first. This problem bothered me before and I gave it up. This time I launched the console program and started to read the error message.
11/17/08  11/17, 5:23:44 PM sshd[3041] warning: /etc/hosts.allow, line 1: host name/address mismatch: fe80::205:xxxx:fed0:xxxx != powerbook.local
11/17/08  11/17, 5:23:44 PM sshd[3041] refused connect from fe80::205:xxxx:fed0:xxxx
The laptop is saying that the hostname of the 10.4 machine does not match with a ipv6 style IP address. Okay, now I know what to do. I can just use ssh -4 to specify ipv4 connection and the problem is solved. I don't want to know why 10.4 machine is using ipv6 as primary ip for bonjour due to my laziness. At least I don't see that problem on leopard. Now I can do this without remembering my ip inside the AirPort network
rsync -e 'ssh -4 -x' -avx --delete --exclude '*.spotlightIndex' ~/Documents/Papers/ powerbook.local:Documents/Papers/

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