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在 Mac OS X 10.4 使用 Dort SSH 連接上 PTT bbs

Hi, this is mjhsieh, I am a self-appointed evangelist for Macblue Telnet project. I am also responsible the building and packaging this project's terminal emulation products Dort (a Mac OS X 10.4 version of Nally).
Nally has been the most robust terminal emulator client on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard connecting almost every terminal based internet BBS in Taiwan, or in China. The counter part of Nally on Mac OS X 10.4, Dort, though similar in many aspects, is lacking a very important feature, SSH (Secure SHell) connection. On Dec 3, 2008, we are proudly announce a very important maintenance version (version 1.1) of Dort, with SSH!

You can either go to MacblueTelnet's sourceforge page to download, or just click this. After you downloaded the file to the Desktop (the normal storing place for downloaded files), you can then double click the DMG file to open and attach the DMG storage as a removable disk drive.

Now drag the dragon ball icon of Dort program to drop and copy to any writable folding in your Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger system. Normally we put it in the Applications folder of the startup disk. Then it's safe to un-attach the virtual removable disk drive, and thus trash the dmg file.
Following are the steps on how to use the new SSH feature to connect a popular internet terminal bbs in Taiwan, PTT. First double click the Dort icon you just copied to your Applications folder to fire up the program.

Click through the location form field on the right of the plus sign icon and type-in "ssh://" . Hit enter/return key to submit this input.

The connection would be initiated and start to display ptt's welcome/login screen.

Of course you can click the plus sign icon to save this connection as a bookmark, the next time you want to connect to PTT, you just click the opened-book icon to select the bookmark.
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Dort 這個計畫已經進入了維護模式,所以除非有絕對必要不會再有新的功能。如果您是在 10.5 Leopard 上,請改用 Nally.