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HeitiTC Episode #2

First of all, I am not an expert on glyphs, my observation mostly comes from my aesthetic feeling which I am still proud of. I did have good calligraphy training in my childhood, hence the aesthetic eyes are still there. Secondly, this continuous collections of how people think about new default TC font in Mac OS X 10.6 doesn't represent my opinion on the new font. Finally let's check the services from National Languages Committee, Ministry of Education, R.O.C (Taiwan): ❶ Dictionary of Chinese character variants. ❷ Learning program for stroke order of frequently used Chinese characters. Then come with the comment collections:


(From mjhsieh: this might be slightly political unless there is more academic references backing other than 康熙 dictionary. Or this argument is simply bashing Taiwan's previous effort to consolidating TC...)

Evadne Wu
Snow Leopard comes with Heiti TC (“STHeiti TC”, “Hei TC”), a traditional Chinese typeface that replaced LiHei Pro. It has a number of errors, inconsistencies and imbalances, voiding professional use.iPhone OS 3.× also comes with this erroneous typeface.We ask Apple to rework the typeface so that it adheres to the high standards that Apple represents.
There are two unrelated problems here. The first is that the choices are not consistent. If you're going to use 靑 for 青 as a component then you have to use it consistently throughout the font, which is not done and absolutely wrong. The second problem is actually rather interesting -- using 靑 is not wrong, it is instead dated. For example, the influential Far East C-E dictionary, originally compiled by Liang Shiqiu 梁實秋 (1903-1987) uses it throughout. In the more recent editions of the dictionary that give both simplified and traditional forms, 靑 is used for traditional forms while 青 is used for simplified.
Meow Wang
(From mjhsieh: Street sign is probably not a good "standard", but if Taiwan doesn't have any consistency of typeface in people's life like she wrote, her opinion would be valid.)

Bear with me, the next time I should be able to collect enough data to draw my own conclusion.

Ps. I am avoiding further comments from simplified Chinese users, this kind of discussion is more like commenting on the other group of people, not the product they use.

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