Sometimes it's all about the aesthetics.


Placebo to squeeze more usable physical memory

Well, you can just allocate a big chunk of memory and release it to push some idle process to the virtual memory (swap).

program bigmem
   implicit none
   double precision, allocatable :: thebigmem(:)
   integer ierr

   ierr = 0
   allocate ( thebigmem(1:195660000), stat=ierr )
   if (ierr/=0) then; print *,"error   allocating"; call exit(1); else; continue ; endif
   thebigmem = 0
   deallocate ( thebigmem, stat=ierr)
   if (ierr/=0) then; print *,"error deallocating"; call exit(1); else; continue ; endif
   print *,"success"
end program
But it's still like a placebo.

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