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Taiwanese Nicknames for LA Angels Character

On PTT (a popular bulletin board in Taiwan), we Angels fans often rant about many Angels characters. It's alsonot a surprise that they all have some Taiwanese nickname. 以下是鄉民對天使相關人士的愛稱。Following are their nicknames.

吉祥物Fan-give nameExplanation
Los Angeles Angels小翅膀田徑隊(Shao-chi-bon-tien-jin-dwey, Track and Field Team with small cute wings), 猴子(Ho-je, monkey)....
Arturo MorenoArte(Yes, we still call him Arte), 老闆(Lao-Bon, Boss)無止盡的愛。Our love to you, Arte.
Rally Monkey猴子(Ho-je, monkey), 逆轉猴(Nee-jwan-ho, rally monkey)Very straight forward.
Panther(n/a)So far not many people in Taiwan read Halos Heaven
Rats(n/a)這是天使球場的老鼠,跟教練無關。Not too many people know about aramark.
Halo光環(Gwan-Hwan, the halo)球場旁的的光環塔,當日有贏球會亮燈慶祝。Light up that halo!
Three old men三仙老公阿標2006外野三個老鳥Anderson, Finley and Guerrero.
(To be determined)哈比人(To be determined)
叫哩粽ê出來帕Fan-given nameExplanation
Mike Scioscia縮夏(Shuo-Sha, sounds like Scioscia), 說瞎(Shuo-Sha, sounds like Scioscia, meaning like coaching blindly, only used with poor team performance.) also written as 說蝦, 希歐西亞(see-o-see-ah, wrong translation by ETToday, one of the worst media in Taiwan)大多是在發音上作文章。Mostly just similar pronunciation.
Mickey Hatcher米老鼠(Mee-Lao-Sue, Mickey Mouse)跟球場老鼠無關。He is not related to Aramark Rats.
Tom Kotchman烤雞爸(Coa-chi-Bah, Kotch's Father)烤雞爸是我們喜歡的球探,而且也是烤雞人的爸爸!Tom Kotchman is a fan-favorite farm system scout. We love him because he signed many good prospects and is also Casey Kotchman's father.
Dr. Lewis Yocum育康醫師(You-com-ee-shi, Dr. Yocum)大聯盟手臂權威。
Ex-Angels CharactersFan-given nameExplanation
Bill Stoneman石頭人(Shi-toe-ran, Stoneman)前總經理。
Bud Black黑爺(Hey-yay, Most respectful Mr. Black)前投手教練,我們對他也有無盡的愛。Our love to you, buddy.

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