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Sometimes it's all about the aesthetics.


Hello GIT

git clone ssh://laptop.local/Users/mjhsieh/amber11


The necessity to write a namelist driver in C.

Okay, I am going to read into libi77 for more information:

"There is no C or C++ equivalent of Fortran list-directed I/O (READ (unit,*) io-list, WRITE (unit,*) io-list), or of Fortran NAMELIST I/O (READ (unit,namelist-name), WRITE (unit,namelist-name)). Avoid those Fortran features if you expect to process such files with programs written in other programming languages." -


Testing ChemDoodle Web Components

For more information check The website of ChemDoodle Web Components

A better way to do this with static HTML is probably loading the data into a hidden frame.